Our Programs

Colour my World Kenya Society works with different institutions, partnerships and individuals. We provide a platform for them to give back to the community by being part of our Arts & Crafts, Storytelling and Music programs.

Our Arts & Crafts and Storytelling sessions have been carefully tailor made to allow the children to enhance their creativity. And it also serves as a tool for them to express themselves where words do not give them a sense of accomplishment.

Our Music curriculum enables the children to discover new talent, skills and gain confidence. We create an opportunity for them to work alongside professional musicians who come in with their musical instruments and put on performances together with the children.

CMWK also organizes functions for the different partner centres, mobilises resources and assists them where possible to continue to execute their daily functions.

Hospital Program

Colour My World as I Beat Cancer

The purpose of this campaign is to create awareness about Pediatric Cancer and also to support the patients and their families. In 2013 we partnered with the Paediatric Cancer Learning Centre at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).-(Link to their site/social media).

“1 out 10 children survive cancer in Kenya however, in developed countries that number is much higher as 7 out 10 children survive cancer.” Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations.

We have been able to create a comfortable, fun and loving environment for children undergoing long term treatment at the hospital and so far we have worked with more than 300 children.

Our weekly educational program has trained volunteers tutoring the children to prevent them from falling behind on their school work. We also use Films, Arts & Crafts, Storytelling and Music to educate and entertain them.

Urban Slum Program

Education is not just about subject knowledge therefore the aim of this program is to raise wholesome individuals in society. We have created a bi-weekly programme where mentors and facilitators spend quality time with the children. By organising talks with professionals, site visits, and incorporating audio and visual guides into the sessions the children get exposed to life outside the slum.

The program creates a special focus on life skills which aim to build self esteem, discover talents, empowering the children with skills and knowledge on how to achieve them and nurturing positive attitudes of a successful future.

Kids of purpose centre Korogocho

In October 2015 we inaugurated our first urban-slum program. A boys mentorship program in partnership with Destiny Shapers Kenya -(Link to their site/social media) who run the Kids of Purpose Centre in the heart of Korogocho slum.

Turning Point Trust Kibera

In March 2016 we set-up our partnership with Turning Point Trust in Kibera -(Link to their site/social media). The program aims to help the children at the centre transition well from primary school into high school.