Our Story

Our greatest success is seeing that we are making a difference in society by uplifting the lives of the vulnerable and sick children in Kenya. No matter how tough the circumstances the children are in we want to give them a reason to smile and celebrate their lives every single day.

Our Awesome Team

Annah kalahi

“The joy the kids have when you when you walk into class is very refreshing. Seeing how much they appreciate what we do for them is very fulfilling. Joining the team is a decision I will never regret."

Allan Matata

“Our work demands that you join in on the fun days, stay focused on the hard days, creative on the boring days and you are strong and quick to pick yourself up on the sad days.”

Benson Mutahi

“What we do has a direct result. A child walks into class gloomy but at the end of the day they are so cheerful and don't want to leave at all. Our society works and I love that.”

Brenda Wayaki

“Volunteering has made me appreciate the simple things in life and it reminds me that the little pleasures are free.”

Emmanuel Ogwell

“It gives me joy to know that my time and energy are put to good use by giving the kids we work with a reason to look forward to another day. I am glad to be a part of the movement.”

Esther kimani

“It’s a good feeling to know I can be there for the kids and their families during the most difficult times of their life. To bring colour when everything is dark and share in their dreams of a healthy future.”

Faith Muhoro


Fiona Osiro

“I joined with the purpose of making a difference in a child’s life but to be honest, the kids have taught me much more than I have taught them.”

Joy Thumbi

“It’s amazing to belong to a force of positivity, selflessness and spreading goodness. Taking part in activities that are far more important to others than just for me. ”

Kathambi Kirika

“CMWK has given me purpose. The kids look up to us with so much hope. The experience of sharing in their happiness is nothing but priceless."

Mary Nkatha

“It’s humbling when you reflect on your day and remember the smile on a child’s face because you taught them something new and you showed them you care.”

Sarah Kimani

“We have challenges as a team but that is what has made us grow to who we are today”

Wangu Kariru

“The organisation is filled with brilliant young individuals who have a burning desire to give hope and love to vulnerable children and their families. We have taught each other to be strong.”